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Try any of our teas as a “shot” for just $2.00! Simply choose your tea and flavor.

Leaf Tea

Home-brewed Leaf Tea - $0.65/oz

Our most popular form of botanical tea is comprised of a mix of red, white, and green tea leaves. Brewed fresh every day. Typically served in 8, 12, 16oz sizes at $4.96, $7.44, $9.92 respectively.

Home-brewed Leaf Tea Super Shot - $5.00

Our super shots are incredibly potent at triple the concentration of our regular leaf tea. Available in red, white, and green leaf varieties. Brewed fresh every day.

Home-brewed Leaf Tea Lite - $5.20

The “all day leaf tea,” a lighter version of our super strong leaf tea perfect for both first-timers or seasoned regulars who like to drink leaf tea throughout the day. Comes in a 16oz cup.

Naturally Leaf Tea Caps - $12.00/12 capsules

Clean, powerful leaf tea capsules in a small package. Tested with analytical sample by registered supplier.

Leaf Tea Chocolate - $5.00

From the makers of the root tea chocolate bar comes the leaf tea variant! Available in milk chocolate and dark chocolate sea salt.


Root Tea 

Home-brewed Root Tea - $4.20/4oz shell

Our potent root tea is made fresh every day. Ohana!

Root Tea Chocolate - $5.00

Milk: Caramel Cream Crunch, Peanut Butter Crunch.

Dark: Crunchy Almond, Orange Peel, Sea Salt Toffee, Toasted Coconut

Root Tea Shot - $12.00

Produced by the same people behind the delicious root tea chocolate bars we sell, this bottled root tea shot contains three servings of flavored root tea.