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Home-brewed Maeng Da - $0.62/oz

Both super mood enhancing and relaxing, our most popular form of kratom is comprised of a mix of red, white, and green kratom leaves. Brewed fresh every day. Typically served in 8, 12, 16oz sizes at $4.96, $7.44, $9.92 respectively.

Home-brewed Kratom White Shot - $5.00

Our white shots are incredibly potent at triple the concentration of our regular kratom. Brewed fresh every day.

Naturally Kratom Caps - $12.00/12 capsules

Clean, powerful kratom capsules in a small package. Tested with analytical sample by registered supplier.

Kratom Chocolate - $5.00

From the makers of the kava chocolate bar comes the kratom variant! Available in milk chocolate and dark chocolate sea salt.



Home-brewed Kava - $4.00/4oz shell

Our mood-lifting and potent kava is made fresh every day. Ohana!


Kava Chocolate - $5.00

The stress-relieving effects of kava and the aphrodisiacal effects of chocolate, all in one tasty package! Milk: Caramel Cream Crunch, Peanut Butter Crunch. Dark: Crunchy Almond, Orange Peel, Sea Salt Toffee, Toasted Coconut

Kava Shot - $12.00

Produced by the same people behind the delicious kava chocolate bars we sell, this bottled kava shot contains three servings of flavored kava.


Alternative Teas 

Blue Lotus - $0.62/oz

Discover the gentle euphoria of blue lotus tea, an ancient drink known to be consumed by the Egyptians! Also serves as a wonderful alternative to kratom. Brewed fresh every day.

Damiana - $0.62/oz

This mood-lifting aphrodisiac stems from the same family of plants as passionfruit. Another great alternative to kratom. Supplied by a non-GMO farm in Oregon, USA. Brewed fresh every day.

Sweet Dreams - $7.00

Get ready for a night of lucid dreaming with this 50/50 combination of blue lotus and damiana teas. We recommend drinking it natural, or adding mango or peppermint syrup.



CBD Dab - $3.00

A single drop of non-THC CBD, delivered under your tongue via a hygienically safe disposable dropper. Great for those wishing to trial the broad effects of the remarkable CBD extract.

CBD Chocolate - $5.00

The makers of kava chocolate present non-THC CBD chocolate! Milk: Plain, Irish Coffee, Maple Pecan. Dark: Plain, Pina Colada, Mint Julep. White: Lemon Cheesecake.

CBD Gummies - $20.00

Delicious little gummy bear-shaped non-THC CBD mood enhancers. 20 gummies per bag. From the makers of kava chocolate.

CBD Oral Drops - $50.00

A 250mg bottle of super potent non-THC CBD drops from the makers of kava chocolate. Nearly 100% active CBD oil, compared to an average imported strength of about 30%. A dab under your tongue is generally all you need to start feeling great.

Green Garden Gold CBD Edibles - $30.00

Available in honey, strawberry jelly, and peanut butter forms, these 200mg bottles present an easy, versatile, and delicious way to get into non-THC CBD.