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Try any of our teas as a “shot” for just $2.00! Simply choose your tea and flavor.

Maeng Da Tea

Home-brewed Maeng Da - $0.65/oz

Both super mood enhancing and relaxing, our most popular form of botanical tea is comprised of a mix of red, white, and green maeng da leaves. Brewed fresh every day. Typically served in 8, 12, 16oz sizes at $4.96, $7.44, $9.92 respectively.

Home-brewed Maeng Da Super Shot - $5.00

Our super shots are incredibly potent at triple the concentration of our regular maeng da tea. Available in red, white, and green maeng da leaf varieties. Brewed fresh every day.

Home-brewed Maeng Da Lite - $5.20

The “all day maeng da,” a lighter version of our super strong maeng da tea perfect for both first-timers or seasoned regulars who like to drink maeng da tea throughout the day. Comes in a 16oz cup.

Naturally Kratom Caps - $12.00/12 capsules

Clean, powerful kratom capsules in a small package. Tested with analytical sample by registered supplier.

Kratom Chocolate - $5.00

From the makers of the kava chocolate bar comes the kratom variant! Available in milk chocolate and dark chocolate sea salt.



Home-brewed Kava - $4.20/4oz shell

Our mood-lifting and potent kava is made fresh every day. Ohana!

Kava Chocolate - $5.00

The stress-relieving effects of kava and the aphrodisiacal effects of chocolate, all in one tasty package! Milk: Caramel Cream Crunch, Peanut Butter Crunch. Dark: Crunchy Almond, Orange Peel, Sea Salt Toffee, Toasted Coconut

Kava Shot - $12.00

Produced by the same people behind the delicious kava chocolate bars we sell, this bottled kava shot contains three servings of flavored kava.


Alternative Teas 

Blue Lotus - $0.62/oz

Discover the gentle euphoria of blue lotus tea, an ancient drink known to be consumed by the Egyptians! Also serves as a wonderful alternative to maeng da tea. Brewed fresh every day.

Damiana - $0.62/oz

This mood-lifting aphrodisiac stems from the same family of plants as passionfruit. Another great alternative to maeng da tea. Supplied by a non-GMO farm in Oregon, USA. Brewed fresh every day.

Sweet Dreams - $7.00

Get ready for a night of lucid dreaming with this 50/50 combination of blue lotus and damiana teas. We recommend drinking it natural, or adding mango or peppermint syrup.



CBD Dab - $3.00

A single drop of non-THC CBD, delivered under your tongue via a hygienically safe disposable dropper. Great for those wishing to trial the broad effects of the remarkable CBD extract.

CBD Chocolate - $5.00

The makers of kava chocolate present non-THC CBD chocolate! Milk: Plain, Irish Coffee, Maple Pecan. Dark: Plain, Pina Colada, Mint Julep. White: Lemon Cheesecake.

CBD Gummies - $20.00

Delicious little gummy bear-shaped non-THC CBD mood enhancers. 20 gummies per bag. From the makers of kava chocolate.

CBD Oral Drops - $50.00

A 250mg bottle of super potent non-THC CBD drops from the makers of kava chocolate. Nearly 100% active CBD oil, compared to an average imported strength of about 30%. A dab under your tongue is generally all you need to start feeling great.

Green Garden Gold CBD Edibles - $30.00

Available in honey, strawberry jelly, and peanut butter forms, these 200mg bottles present an easy, versatile, and delicious way to get into non-THC CBD.